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Programme of indoor meetings from 

January 2010 to December 2010

Our indoor meetings are held at 1930hrs on the first Thursday of each month (September to May inclusive) in the Central United Reformed Church (situated at the corner of Chapel Walk and Norfolk Street) 
A small charge is made for entrance - �50 for Group Members, �00 for Visitors. 
Changes to the programme or unusual dates are shown in red.



Thursday 7th

揟he Secret Life of the Nightjar� by Phil Palmer
     Well known for his photographs and articles that have appeared in many birding magazines, Phil is very well travelled and regularly gives lectures based on his photographic trips.  
     Phil's informative and humorous talks, accompanied by his high quality photographs are a very popular combination.  For the past 16 years he has been involved in a project studying Nightjars in which this lecture takes us into the secret life of this strange bird.  

Thursday 4th

揂 Walk on the Wild Side� by Ian Rotherham
     Ian D. Rotherham, ecologist and landscape historian, is Reader in Tourism and Environmental Change at Sheffield Hallam University. 
     An international authority on cultural and historical aspects of landscapes, especially peat bogs and peat lands, he also writes and broadcasts on environmental issues.

Thursday 4th

揃irding around the Pyrenees� by Allan and Susan Parker
     Popular and local couple, Allan and Susan Parker will take a look at the Spanish Pyrenees, the foothills to the south and the plains around Tudela where fields are flooded to grow rice crops.  
With this wide range of habitats the list of flora and fauna is impressive.  Three out of the four Spanish vultures are present in good numbers along with many other birds of prey.  In spring the region is excellent not only for breeding birds but also migrants heading north into Europe.  A good mix of birds with superb scenery.

Thursday 15th

揂 Celebration of Birds� By Peter Holden
     Peter has been an RSPB member for 50 years at The Lodge.  
     To mark these anniversaries he is planning on visiting some local RSPB groups to give a very personal view of the society, the birds and a few of the people who have shaped the society and nature conservation in Britain today.  His presentation will incorporate some film as well as Peter抯 own photos and images from the RSPB抯 library.

Thursday 6th

揚haraoh抯 Birds� By John Wyatt
     John is currently working on a book on the birds which occurred in Ancient Egypt from 2000 to 6000 years ago and this talk, which is illustrated with numerous bird pictures as well as some of the ancient sites, shows the detective work his team has done to identify the 180 or so species we have found to date. 
     This is proving a very popular and different talk for RSPB Groups and I am sure our members will enjoy it too. It proves you can bird watch over 2000 years ago with the right field guides (the wonderful art and artifacts of the time).

Thursday 2nd

揟he Art of Birds� by Steve Cale
     Steve lives and works in North Norfolk, with bird-watching and his wild life art being the primary reasons to live there in this wonderful area.  
     Steve paints in water colours and acrylics with all aspects of the natural world appearing in his paintings.  He has a particular love of birds and leading bird tours around the world gives him endless subjects to paint.
Steve shows and discusses how birds influence his drawing and painting, both in the field and studio and follows the processes involved and some of the birds that inspire him.

Thursday 7th Geoff Facer � 慖ndia � Taj, Tigers and Birds"
and a short Annual General Meeting
     Having missed out last year due to the meeting being cancelled because of snow, our speaker tonight is none other than our own Geoff Facer. Geoff has been an active member of the Group for many years, a well travelled and experienced bird watcher and a committee member of the SK58 group. His talk takes us on an inspirational journey to the Indian continent.    
Thursday 4th

"The Countryside Explained� By Chris Tomson
     Chris has been a farm manager for 25 years and 6 years as a conservation adviser at the Peak District National Park Authority he has worked for the RSPB based at Denby Dale for the last 3 years as Regional Agricultural Adviser for Yorkshire, Humber and the Peak District.  
     This illustrated talk is about landscape history and how the countryside is used today, featuring farming woodland management, conservation and recreation including the National Parks.

Thursday 2nd

揕ife on the Edge- A Glimpse into the World of our Seabirds" by Keith Clarkson
     The RSPB抯 Keith Clarkson, has led the bird count at RSPB Bempton Cliffs reserve which is home to England抯 only mainland gannet colony. The growth in numbers of this awesome bird over the last 40 years has been phenomenal. There were only 20 pairs here in 1988. Now, just 20 years later, there are a staggering 6,000 pairs � with a further 2,500 youngsters trying to establish nesting sites. 
     This success story is mirrored by the guillemots on the reserve. They have increased by 25% since the last full colony count in 2000. In 2008, 60,000 birds were counted on the cliffs, making RSPB Bempton Cliffs and Flamborough Head the third largest colony in the UK thus increasing the importance of Bempton Cliffs in particular, and the North Sea in general, for these birds.
      However, it抯 not all good news.  Keith takes us for a glimpse into the world of our seabirds and their struggle to survive.

Members will be informed of additional events when they are arranged

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